Harry J. Houck Refers To Black People As “You People” On CNN [VIDEO]

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Harry J. Houck is a “CNN Law Enforcement Analyst,” per his Twitter account, and a retired NYPD Detective. Also, he’s more than likely a racist. 

While on CNN discussing the sh*tstorm Chicago PD finds itself in—specifically the firing of it superintendent—due to the murder of Laquan McDonald by a cop, Houck became flustered when debating with Stephen Green. Houck, who likes using the code word “thug,” let his inner bigot out of the bag while essentially defending a corrupt system.

“I’m just tired of the police getting the brunt of everything that’s going on inside the inner city [of] Chicago. You people…”

Both the host and Green immediately pointed out the audacity of Houck’s use of “you people.”

Houck continued, “People who live in  Chicago should start voting for another person, maybe a Republican…”

While Green was calling for a overhaul of Chicago’s justice system, Houck was busy victim blaming. Needless to say, Houck is already copping pleas about his use of “you people” on Twitter, trying to dismiss the outrage as political correctness.

What you need, Mr. Houck, is more people. Also, CNN, you need better editors and way better pundits than this guy.

Watch the full segment on the flip.

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