2 Chainz Wins THOT Lawsuit

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

2 Chainz has won one of the most frivolous lawsuits against a rapper, ever. A judge tossed out the THOT lawsuit brought against the Atlanta native by an alleged groupie he clowned on social media. 

Reports TMZ:

A federal judge in North Carolina tossed out Christine Chisholm’s lawsuit. As we’ve reported, she sued Mr. Chainz for $5 million after he called her a “THOT” — short for “that ho over there” — repeatedly in a now infamous video of her backstage. The clip went viral, naturally.

In his ruling, the judge said calling someone a “THOT” does not rise to the level of “extreme or outrageous conduct.”

It was Ms. Chisholm who confirmed the notion that she just may be insane when she tried to also accuse 2 Chainz of murder.

In other news, the Hair Weave Killer is selling ugly Christmas sweaters, a lot of the.


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